Cranial Plate Set II

The iSpine Cranial plating system is a low-profile line of plates, screws and meshes intended for craniotomy and rigid fixation of craniofacial fractures

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Low Profile Fixation System

  • High torque and low-profile fixation screws
  • Wide selection of fixation plates & mesh plates
  • Ergonomic designed complete set of instruments


  • Compact & simple designs of all screws and plates
  • Smooth and rounded plate edges


  • Slim and strong products
  • Stable and effective system
  • Standardised instruments
  • Reduced inventory for hospitals


  • Easy, safe and accurate insertion
  • Precision screws clip onto screw driver head and do not drop
  • Decreased profile, rounded edges & low-profile head screws minimises plate palpability whilst providing strength for cranial fixation

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